The Future of Generative Visual Art

CVPR 2024 CVEU Workshop on The Future of Generative Visual Art
June 18, All Day Event at Summit 343

About CVEU

This workshop is for the 4th installment of the AI for Creative Video Editing and Understanding (CVEU) focusing on the future of generative visual art, which follows its success on the previous launch at ICCV'23, ECCV'22 and ICCV'21.

The workshop brings together researchers, artists and entrepreneurs working on computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, human computer interaction, and cognitive research.

It aims to bring awareness of recent advances in machine learning technologies to enable assisted creative visual content creation and understanding.


Discuss recent advances in creative visual content editing, generation and understanding, including:

  • How to design intuitive video editing and creation tools?
  • How do humans and AI collaborate together to inspire creativity?
  • How can AI help to reduce the human cost of video productions?
  • How to deal with the biases and threats by using AI?

  • A special film session showcasing submissions to AI ShortFest 2023, exciting new creative Film Festival. Get a sneak peek of this year's trailer:

    Keynote Speakers

    Tim Brooks
    Research Scientist@OpenAI
    Co-lead of Sora Project
    Jeffrey P. Bigham
    Lead of Human-Centered Machine Intelligence@Apple
    Aaron Hertzmann
    Principal Scientist
    Adobe Research
    Anastasis Germenidis
    Co-founder, CTO
    Yuge (Jimmy) Shi
    Research Scientist
    Author of Genie
    Jianchao Yang
    Head of Intelligent Creation Technology
    Dumitru Erhan
    Research Director
    Jun-Yan Zhu
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Jack Parker-Holder
    Research Scientist
    Author of Genie
    Jia-Bin Huang
    Research Scientist@Meta
    Chenlin Meng
    Co-Founder, CTO
    Paul Debevec
    Chief Research Officer, Eyeline Studios
    Taesung Park
    Chief Scientist
    Reve AI

    Detailed Program

    Schedule Seattle Time
    2024-06-18 8:00 AM

    Warm-up Session  08:00 AM - 08:25 AM -
    Workshop Opening Remarks 08:25 AM - 08:30 AM -
    Session I  -  Is AI Art? How Machines Change Art?
        Keynote I by Aaron Hertzmann
        Keynote II by Jiabin Huang
        Keynote III by Anastasis Germanidis
        Roundtable Discussion (30 mins)
    08:30 AM - 10:00 AM -
    Session II  -  AI Creative Tools, Visual Effects and Movie Industry
        Keynote I by Taesung Park
        Keynote II by Tim Brooks
        Keynote III by Paul Debevec
        Roundtable Discussion, plus Jiaming Song, Jon Barron (30 mins)
    10:20 AM - 11:50 AM -
    Launch Break 11:50 AM - 2:00 PM -
    Session III  -  Big Industry Models
        Keynote I by Jianchao Yang
        Keynote II by Dumitru Erhan
        Keynote III by Chenlin Meng
        Roundtable Discussion, plus Maneesh Agrawala (30 mins)
    02:00 PM - 03:30 PM -
    Coffer break 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM -
    Session IV  -  Problems of Generative Models in Practice
        Keynote I by Junyan Zhu
        Keynote II by Jack Parker-Holder and Jimmy Shi
        Keynote III by Jeffrey Bigham
        Roundtable Discussion (30 mins)
    04:00 PM - 05:30 PM -
    Closing Remarks 05:30 PM - 05:40 PM -

    Participants from


    Papers Presentation

    Title Venue Link
    As-Plausible-As-Possible: Plausibility-Aware Mesh Deformation Using 2D Diffusion Priors CVPR'24 Paper Webpage
    Posterior Distillation Sampling CVPR'24 Paper Webpage
    RAVE: Randomized Noise Shuffling for Fast and Consistent Video Editing with Diffusion Models CVPR'24 (highlight) Paper Webpage
    Look, Listen and Recognise: character-aware audio-visual subtitling ICASSP'24 Paper Webpage
    Visual Anagrams: Generating Multi-View Optical Illusions with Diffusion Models CVPR'24 Paper Webpage
    High-fidelity 3D GAN Inversion by Pseudo-multi-view Optimization CVPR'23 Paper Webpage

    Call for Submission


    Anyi Rao
    Stanford University
    Fabian Caba Heilbron
    Adobe Research
    Aleksander Holynski
    Berkeley & Google Research
    Jean-Peïc Chou
    Stanford University
    Mia Tang
    Stanford University
    Yuwei Guo
    Yu Xiong
    Linning Xu
    Ali Thabet
    Victor Escorcia
    Dong Liu
    Jon Barron
    Google Research
    Dahua lin
    Angjoo Kanazawa
    BAIR, UC Berkeley
    Alexei (Alyosha) Efros
    BAIR, UC Berkeley
    Maneesh Agrawala
    Stanford University